Thriving in the strong oxygen rich wave action of the sun drenched Atlantic surf zone off the West Coast of South Africa, one of the most unpolluted and pristine coastlines in the world, Ecklonia Maxima is fed by the upwelling of the mineral rich cold Antarctic waters of the Benguela current.

Wet seaweed undergoes the South African patented "Cell Burst" process. The Ecklonia Maxima, freshly harvested by divers, undergoes this cell bursting technique, releasing, but not denaturing, the precious minerals, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, that are trapped within extremely tough cell walls. The process obviates the use of heat, freezing or dehydration, all of which are factors that destroy the components of organic plant life. This process is unique in the world.

For some applications it is desirable to use a dry powder instead of a fresh seaweed. For this application sundried Ecklonia Maxima undergoes a series of micronisation until the particles are the smallest that can be produced.

This seaweed is the primary component of the Ecklon range of seaweed products. It is produced in either fresh wet cell burst form, powder or granules, depending on which application is required.

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